About Me

I am a Mindset Coach that helps people achieve health, wealth and happiness by teaching methods that creates a compelling future through overcome limitations, and utilizing success techniques.

I have developed tools that are simple to apply to overcome barriers to goals or what people want in their lives. The principles behind these tools have been around for centuries, but only recently understood well enough to apply them to our job, our relationships, our lives. See more at my website http://mastemindsetlife.com or listen to my podcasts at Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1sqXoMtAICq6qgLd81IaRu
https://anchor.fm/mastermindsetlife or

My Accomplishments:
Successful marriage
Have 3 children, 4 grandchildren
US Army Veteran
Training in Mentoring by Kirk Duncan
Training in Presentation skills by Kirk Duncan
Past President of Loudspeakers Toastmasters International organization.
Author of :The Pen, Sultan’s Wisdom, Rebel Justice, The Green King
Masters in Electrical Engineering Management, University of Amherst, Amherst MA Certificate in Leadership and Marketing, University of California , San Diego Certified in Marketing Leadership, University of London, Ontario Canada
Managed $10M product line with world wide responsibility
Training by National Geographic for Multimedia Story Telling
Successful 35 year career
Owned and rented several homes
Awards obtained in Huntsman Senior Olympics for swimming
NAUI certified scuba diver
Amateur Radio license KG5TDK
Financially free
Speak basic German, French, Spanish
Born in USA, lived in several countries including Germany
Performed on stage in plays and in four films in Hollywood
Produce, wrote, created a video web series